Daqui Ninguém Passa!
€ 13,50
Vibrant and fun characters drawn in felt pen inhabit this story about a general that won't let anyone pass onto the right page. A wonderful story in which the book object (the formal space of the page) participates in the narrative. Part of an "interacive" series by Planeta Tangerina. Amongst Planeta Tangerina fans, this is one of the favorites.
Publisher's description
There was a general who wanted to be the hero in a story. Now, for someone to become the hero in a story it is necessary to face the dangers with courage, to dare doing what you think is right. For example. Because there are many other examples. However, the general in this story thought the quickest way to become an hero was to appear in a book. No need to do anything special. This general had an army of guards who followed his orders without blinking. All the orders, whatever they might be. Then, one day, the general made ??a decision. A silly decision, of course!
22 x 26 cm
Illustrated, Picture book